"Don't buy the house, buy the neighbourhood.” - Russian Proverb

original.gifWelcome home to our unique island community, a place of tranquility, creativity, hospitality and fun. We are proud of our United Empire Loyalist roots and our distinctive towns and villages. We share our spectacular natural beauty with over 100,000 visitors each year. Traditional agriculture is our backbone enhanced by a growing wine industry. A growing and multifaceted arts community contributes to our unique ‘County’ culture. Our entrepreneurial spirit has helped create a thriving and diverse environment for small business. Whether it is taking in a show, enjoying an outdoor festival, attending a community class, or simply hanging out and enjoying Prince Edward County's unique culture. This is a place to work, live and call home.

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighbourhood

1. Make a list of all of the amenities that are close by in the neighbourhood you are considering as your new residence. Keep in mind what distances and routes to each of these places are acceptable and what are not.

2. Determine what the best features of the neighbourhoods are. This is especially helpful if you are deciding between a few different neighbourhoods.
3. Walk around in the neighbourhood. The best way to determine the cleanliness and friendliness of the neighbourhood is to walk around in it and meet its residents.